Atlanta, Boston, Boulder/Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, Silicon Valley/Bay Area, Seattle

iFundWomen seeks a hardworking sales pro to become an iFundWomen Coach. As a Coach, you are responsible for recruiting and launching crowdfunding campaigns for female entrepreneurs.

This role requires inherent sales skills, a positive attitude, and a love for helping people get their businesses and passions off the ground. 

This position is based wherever you live! While iFundWomen has an office space in Chelsea, NYC, most of the time our work is done from our local communities where the entrepreneurs are. 

Coach Responsibilities:

  • Find, recruit, qualify, and onboard at least 20 new entrepreneurs per month.
  • Encourage, support, and help entrepreneurs launch their campaigns, and reach their funding goals. 

Coach Qualifications:

  • Must have 3-5 years experience in a sales organization, and be comfortable with revenue goals. 
  • A proven ability to close deals. You will be judged solely on your ability to bring on board 20 qualified entrepreneurs per month.
  • Have a good gut for quality entrepreneurs: We take our vetting process very seriously, so we can keep our community as high value as possible for all. 
  • Must be comfortable using the following: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Slack
  • Knowing how to shoot a basic, interview-style video is a plus, but not required. Proficiency in video editing is also a plus, but not a deal breaker. 
  • Excellent organizational and reasoning skills
  • A team-player attitude, and excitement about working at a startup. 

PLEASE APPLY  //  admin@ifundwomen.com