Being an entrepreneur has it's perks. You most likely make your own hours, report to yourself, and if you're like the women we know, you strongly believe in the mission of the company because, well, it's yours.

Your professional self has never been more authentic. So why does it sometimes feel uncomfortable to promote and market your company through your personal networks? You went into business to build your company, so why do we struggle to own being our brand?

In the latest episode of You're Not Crazy, entrepreneur & angel investor, Erica Duignan Minnihan gives us insight on how to position your personal brand and your professional brand on social media.

Erica also acknowledges that self-identifying with your company is not easy.

How do you manage aligning yourself with something that could be a wild success or possibly fail?

The truth is that there is no single solution to this existential milestone of building your business.  Every entrepreneur goes through this, so hopefully knowing you're not alone relieves a bit of the anxiety. As a founder & CEO, you just need to bite the bullet and embrace what you have created. 

You liberated yourself by carving your own professional path, so don't let a couple of Facebook posts stop you from throwing yourself into making your company succeed. Own your success, share your journey, and be your brand.