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2018 has been an amazing year for the iFundWomen community! Our entrepreneurs have raised the funding needed to launch and grow their businesses and now they're paying forward their crowdfunding wisdom, tips and tricks. For anyone considering crowdfunding in 2019, make sure you take notes from these pros!


“Be fearless! This will take you 100% out of your comfort zone, and that is the point! Growth is supposed to be uncomfortable. Also, don't let your pride stand in the way of reaching your goal. If you don't ask, you WILL NOT receive.” - Brittany Cribbs, Founder of Cloud 9 Easy Go

“Take extra time to think of big dollar strategic partnerships you can sell BEFORE you launch your campaign so at launch you come out of the gate strong.” - Jessica Kelly, Founder of THR3EFOLD

“You are not in this alone. The community that iFundwomen has created is such a resourceful tool for you if you let it be! Don’t hesitate to connect with other business owners if you feel like you are in a rut.” - Lauren Beasley, Founder of The Project

“It takes several touches to get to yes. Make sure you are checking back and giving personal updates to your network.” - Deborah Owens, Founder of WealthyU

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“Choose the rewards that would take the least effort to do and give you the highest margins. After a few weeks, pivot if you need to. Get rid of the rewards that don't sell and advertise the items that are preferred by your backers. I would also recommend you create new rewards that could fit your target audiences better after receiving some feedback as your campaign proceeds.” - Beau Wangtrakuldee, Founder of AmorSui

“Cut the merch! If you're not in the t-shirt business, don't be in the t-shirt business.” The Co-Founders of The Coven

“Reach out to other companies in your industry to get rewards donated!” - Elena Buenrostro, Founder of Women Who Drone

“Establish price points for everyone. Think about your funding goal and work backwards to determine the price breaks. And an iFundWomen coach can help.” - Dionne McCray, Founder of Iva Jewell

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“I'm a salesperson my whole banking career. I have no fear! But for those who do, you have to be authentic and believe in what you are selling or funding. That is critical to getting people to open their wallets. Prove value.“ - Cate Luzio, Founder of Luminary

“It was definitely hard, but at some point we realized we just couldn't have any shame. The most difficult part was having our texts/emails/social media requests for money blatantly ignored. And I would be lying if I said we didn't take it personally! It really helps to have other people to commiserate with... and the iFW community definitely provided that!” - Heather Korth, Co-Founder of Our Front Porch

“I sent my campaign to friends and family and said "HERE! Donate!" I practiced with them and then made my way up to former co-workers, then to my network. At times, it was uncomfortable but I realized people wanted to help, it wasn't a handout- it was supporting a local small business. They were investing in me. “ - Kalilah Wright, Founder of Mess in a Bottle

“By believing in my project more than I believe in my fear of rejection. If I won't advocate for my toys and get uncomfortable for them, why in the world would anyone else?” - Ruth

Rau, Founder of Mouse Loves Pig


“I was able to raise enough money to get a first version of my application developed. I think more important than the money, is the confidence it gave me. It really proved that there is a market for my product and that people are behind me in what I’m trying to do. So much so, that they were willing to put their own hard earned money behind me. That’s the coolest feeling.” - Founder of Making Authentic Friendships

“Our community doubled and we now have built a community of loyal supporters who are supporting and cheering us on! It has been major.” - Taylor Jay, Founder of Taylor Jay Collection

“I learned who is behind my business, who I can lean on, and who believes in what I’m doing.” - Jill Angelo, Founder of genneve

“My business was reshaped in a way I never expected. It made me see it from an outsider’s vision and I realized that my product has real meaning and a story behind it, not just something I wanted to sell. The coaching was the best part of all of it. I couldn't have done it without my amazing IFW coach and as hard as it was, I will take it as one of the best decisions I have made for the future os my business.” - Karenine Arraya, Founder of Nineh

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“Hands down, the community. The support is intense and amazing, its something you never knew you were missing.“ - Sailaja Joshi, Founder of Bharat Babies

“Ultimately, it served as the impetus for getting the business launched and was a warm and fuzzy way to get our initial public feedback. Being able to participate in the 12 week Accelerator Program was a huge value. Additionally, the Virtual Pitch experience was a great benefit - the time and prep that went into making sure our business plan was together enough to present to VCs was invaluable.” - Sheila Attari, Founder of Buttercup Bodywear

'“My top two things were the community of other entrepreneur women and the high quality professional and authentic videos they help produce. They help you tell your story in a compelling way and the cost of the video is extremely affordable and professional. And the iFundWomen team is awesome!” - Amy Dagliano, Co-Founder of Rowan Tree

“I loved the coaching that I got from iFundWomen; My coach made me feel really confident about launching my crowdfunding campaign and gave excellent tips. You won't find that level of 1:1 support on other platforms. Almost 2 years later, I am still connected to this community, it's wonderful.” - Jennifer Columbe, Founder of Sat Nam Babe