Let’s kick this off by making one thing clear: If you are out there in the world doubling as a mother and an entrepreneur, you are, by definition, a badass, fierce, multi-tasking mama! But let’s keep it real, your work is never done and we mean that in every sense. Whether it’s your growing children or your (hopefully) growing business, both require your undivided love and attention. So, at the risk of asking the most cliché, skin-crawling question ever - how do you do it all? The answer is that you can’t do it all, but you can strive to be the best version of yourself, as a mother and as a startup founder.

At iFundWomen, we are all about paying forward the lessons learned and we would never leave you without some tangible tips, so we tapped into the iFundWomen community and asked some of our #MamasInBusiness to share their best practices for managing the balancing act that is life as Mompreneur:

  1. Teach your kids independence.

Natalie Garay, Founder & CEO,  Ther Happy , with her three daughters.

Natalie Garay, Founder & CEO, Ther Happy, with her three daughters.

You are raising little humans who will some day, whether you like it or not, turn into adults (if they haven’t already!). Do yourself and your children a favor and train those mini-me’s to take on some of the simple day-to-day tasks that will make your life easier and that will give them a sense of pride for having done something to care for themselves.

2. Share your work with your children.

Kate Anderson, Co-Founder & Director of Operations,  iFundWomen , with her kids.

Kate Anderson, Co-Founder & Director of Operations, iFundWomen, with her kids.

Your children and your startup are likely two of your greatest passions in life, and being present at home doesn’t have to mean hiding something you love and care about from your family. So, whenever possible, share some of your work life with your children, giving them some context around this thing you are working so hard at each day, and make them feel a part of your entrepreneurial journey!

3. Plan ahead.

Tasha O’Farril, President,  Checklist Home Services , with her kids.

Tasha O’Farril, President, Checklist Home Services, with her kids.

NBD, right? In all seriousness, there are of course things we can all be doing better to stay on top of our calendars and to-do lists, but when you add being a mom to your daily duties, staying on track becomes that much more important. Try not to let tasks that come up just bounce back and forth in your brain all day - it will only hinder your productivity. Instead, get new to-do’s out of your head, onto a to-do list, and prioritized as soon as possible.  You will spend far less time doing this than you will trying to tap into the hodgepodge of tasks just lingering in that head of yours!

4. Be present.

Sarah Sommers, Co-Founder & Marketing Director,  iFundWomen , with her son.

Sarah Sommers, Co-Founder & Marketing Director, iFundWomen, with her son.

Whether at work or with your family, every single moment is precious.  It may sound dramatic, but it’s true. So the last thing you want to do is waste that time being unfocused, and then agonizing over the fact that you haven’t really given the task or people before you 100% of YOU. So do yourself a favor and, if you are spending time with your kids, spend time with your kids. If you’re at work, be at work. It’s easier said than done, but if you can put this to practice, you will inevitably start to experience more and more wins each day! 

5. Be brave and you children will be, too.

Amri Kibbler, Co-Founder,  HEYMAMA , with her daughter.

Amri Kibbler, Co-Founder, HEYMAMA, with her daughter.

Never forget that by having the grit and determination to create a product or service that solves a significant problem, you are setting the ultimate example for your children.  The entrepreneurial road is long, windy and there is definitely some you-know-what that you’ll step in along the way, but the passion and perseverance you put on display for your kids will have a significant impact on how they go out into the world and fight for what they want in life.  

Believing in yourself is contagious, so be sure to find your tribes of women who are in the hustle just like you, who can relate to what you are going through, and who can support you and give you the confidence boost you need to be a rockstar mom and business owner each day! For those mompreneurs out there who are new to iFundWomen, be sure to join our weekly webinar and learn more about the community we have built to support all of the women entrepreneurs on our platform!

For all the working moms out there, hopefully these five little tidbits of wisdom bring you some relief, and perhaps make you feel a little less alone and more appreciative of all that you are doing for your family and your business each day.

This Sunday, give yourself a pat on the back, or rather make sure someone gives you a massage...they can do the back-patting!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our #MamasInBusiness


The iFundWomen Team