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Making Moves: How Lauren Beasley Got Funded Twice on iFundWomen

Lauren Beasley,  iFundWomen  Alum & Founder,  MOVE Inclusive Dance

Lauren Beasley, iFundWomen Alum & Founder, MOVE Inclusive Dance

Lauren Beasley came to iFundWomen with an idea for a dance program for people with special needs - a concept she wanted to bring to life out in Nashville, TN. After successfully reaching the funding goal of her first campaign within 24 hours of launching, she knew she would be back to crowdfund again. Lauren put that first round of funding towards testing her idea, and after experiencing what a huge hit her first summer camp was, she was ready to come back to iFundWomen to raise even more capital in order to build out the very first studio for MOVE Inclusive Dance in Nashville. Spoiler alert: Not only did she reach her goal, she managed to secure Carrie Rezabek, the Founder of Pure Barre, as a $50K backer for her campaign - putting her over the funding finish line and helping her make her vision a reality. In an effort to pay Lauren’s success story forward, we reached out and asked her to share her journey.

What is MOVE Inclusive & why did you start this company?

MOVE Inclusive Dance is a dance program for individuals of all ages with special needs. We are based in Nashville, TN and later this month, we are opening our first studio! In this space we will offer year-round programming to our students. It’s the first of its kind in our area. I started MOVE because I knew there was a need for it. Dance transformed my life for the better and I wanted to share that same experience with a group of people who may not otherwise have the opportunity. 


“Dance transformed my life for the better and I wanted to share that same experience with a group of people who may not otherwise have the opportunity.”

-Lauren Beasley, Founder, MOVE Inclusive Dance

When did you know it was time to go out and raise money for your business?

When I realized you couldn’t become a verified non-profit for free, ha! My friend (and attorney - God bless her) suggested I do a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs. I remember thinking “Who would donate to me? I don’t even have a product yet!” In fact, at that point, I hadn’t even spent anytime with anyone with any type of special need. It was just something I felt lead to do. It was just an idea. After a coaching call with iFW and lots of brainstorming, I decided to set a goal of $5K to cover my start up costs and launch my program... and to my surprise, we hit the goal in just one day!

Why did you decide to crowdfund and how did you choose iFW?

iFW was a no brainer for me. I stumbled across them on Instagram a while back and loved their vibe. After looking into their website and everything they have to offer, I knew it was the right option!

What did that first round of funding through iFW enable you to do?

My first round of funding enabled me to put my idea into action and get the ball rolling. We had a lot of milestone moments in our first year and all of that was made possible by the funding I received from my first iFW campaign!

We hit a lot of milestones moments in our first year and all of that was made possible by the funding I received from my iFW campaign.
Lauren with her students & team at  MOVE Inclusive Dance

Lauren with her students & team at MOVE Inclusive Dance

When/why did you decide to crowdfund a 2nd time?

I knew as soon as my first campaign was wrapping that I’d be back. I just wasn’t sure when. After we launched with our first summer camp, I knew it was time to take this full-time. It was then that I started making a plan to open our first studio, which meant I needed more funding. Way more this time.

What are some of the key strategies that led to your crowdfunding success?

Social media was key for me. In the months leading up to the campaign, start amping up your activity. Posts, stories, even replying to comments, DM’s, etc. These posts are not campaign-related. You just need to be actively using the app! Learn to work that #algorithm. Closer to time, start teasing the campaign. Once you launch, keep it up. Screenshot your campaign page each time you reach a funding milestone and post it to your story challenging your followers to get you to the next milestone. Tag people who make large contributions! This inspires followers to contribute more.

Screenshot your campaign page each time you reach a funding milestone and post it to your story challenging your followers to get you to the next milestone. Tag people who make large contributions! This inspires followers to donate more.
MOVE Inclusive’s second funded  iFundWomen campaign .

MOVE Inclusive’s second funded iFundWomen campaign.

How did your second crowdfunding campaign lead to Carrie Dorr, Founder of Pure Barre, contributing $50K to your campaign?

About half-way through my second campaign, I hit a major plateau. I had been sending cold email after cold email to potential donors with little success for weeks. Carrie was at the top of my list but I hadn’t reached out yet. Honestly, I think I was just nervous. What if she doesn’t respond? How will that make me feel? Carrie has been my CEO-boss babe-idol for years now. I didn’t want to feel let down if it didn’t pan out. Then one day I woke up and realized you only have one shot in these moments. And sure, maybe she wouldn’t respond, but I’d never know unless I went for it. So I guessed her email address and hit send. The next day I received a response. I couldn’t believe it! Not only was she interested in what I was doing, but she asked me to come to Denver for a meeting to learn more about MOVE. And as they say, the rest is history! All of this absolutely would not have been possible without the help of my iFundWomen coach. Not only did she help me strategize and build out the campaign, but more importantly she gave me the confidence I needed to go out and get the funding!


“All of this absolutely would not have been possible without the help of my iFundWomen coach. Not only did she help me strategize and build out the campaign, but more importantly she gave me the confidence I needed to go out and get the funding!”

-Lauren Beasley, Founder, MOVE Inclusive Dance

Any advice for entrepreneurs who are thinking about or are currently crowdfunding on iFW?

  1. Make a plan. Figure out what your idea looks like and how it will benefit the world. Then start talking to people in your community. Do they see a need for your idea? Are they interested in it? If so, it’s time to jump. 

  2. Set up a coaching call with iFW and take notes. They will provide you with so many tools and ideas you haven’t thought of yet! I can assure you of that. 

  3. When the going gets tough, think outside of the box. Who needs to know about your idea? Who would find interest in it? Hunt those people down and educate them on what you are doing. 

  4. It’s half strategy, half heart. The strategy and plan will land you the meeting. Your heart and passion will bring in the funds.

Thank you to Lauren for sharing her funding journey! You can check out her funded iFundWomen campaign here and learn more about her Nashville-based studio at

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3 Back To Startup School Essentials

back to school.gif

It’s time to trade in your swimsuit, hunker down, connect to wifi and get back to work! That’s right! It’s back to startup school season and iFundWomen is here to provide you with the three most important things you need to do as you snap out of #vacationmode and gear up to launch and grow your business.

#1: Crowdfund (and don’t go into debt funding your startup)


ICYMI, there is a complete lack of funding options for early-stage founders. Only 1% of companies, regardless of the gender of the founder, will ever raise venture capital. So what do the other 99% of founders do? We max out our credit cards or we try to take out a bank loan, and nobody should go into personal debt funding their early-stage startup. Our advice: Find yourself a low-risk alternative funding option like rewards-based crowdfunding where you are raising small increments of money from lots of people that you know that adds up to just enough to reach a specific goal amount.

Through crowdfunding, YOU, the entrepreneur, are going out to your FFFs, i.e. your friends, family, followers, and people in your professional network to contribute money to your campaign to fund your business. Remember: There are no magical money elves out there waiting to sprinkle cash on your campaign, but guess what? You don’t need elves – what you need is to get scrappy and figure out how much money you really need to build your business, then go out and make it happen yourself. So get out there, raise some capital, prove demand for your product/service before investing in supply and don’t put any of your personal assets on the line or give away equity in your company. It’s that simple.

#2: Invest in coaching & community (aka don’t go it alone!)


For women, the lack of access to capital is more than just about the actual funding. Almost half of women will tell you that lack of access to coaches and mentors who have “been there done that” to literally show them how to do it, is also a huge barrier.  A third of women will also cite a lack of access to a support system and community of women in the hustle with them as a hurdle to running a successful business.

At iFundWomen, our proprietary coaching program provides early-stage female entrepreneurs with access to the expert coaches, tools, and resources that they need to become smarter, better, stronger founders and get their businesses off the ground. It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs are building the plane while flying it, and we have created a safe space for female founders to get the expert support they need through every step on their startup journey - whether you are looking to meet fellow founders in the hustle, in need of private coaching on everything from building your website to raising a seed round, or perhaps even just needing to vent in our Founders Support Circle, we’ve got you covered!

At the end of the day, our coaching program is uniquely designed to raise you money. In fact,  entrepreneurs who join iFundWomen and invest in private coaching & video, and crowdfund, raise 22 times more money than they would using any other platformAnd, 34% of our alumni go on to raise venture capital. That’s 34 times the industry average of 1%. 

#3: Make a video (and hire professionals)

giphy (1).gif

In order to market your startup, passion project, idea, or business effectively, you need to have a high-quality video asset to share with your network and potential customers. In particular, when it comes to crowdfunding, campaigns with a video are 85% more likely to achieve their campaign goal, but the truth is that most entrepreneurs lack the skills, time and resources to produce beautiful, professional creative assets on their own.  

iFundWomen offers an in-house creative studio for our entrepreneurs, where we produce beautiful, story-driven marketing videos that are designed to help you raise money, and through our Back to Startup School Sale, you can sign up for our video production services and receive 30% off on a high-quality video for your crowdfunding or marketing needs!


That’s it! Three must-haves in order to get your startup season off on the right foot! Being an entrepreneur means you are always learning, growing and evolving and, while there hopefully is no end to this journey, your road to success starts here.

The Freedom of Entrepreneurship

Lorelei Bandrovschi, iFundWomen Alumni & Founder of  Listen Bar

Lorelei Bandrovschi, iFundWomen Alumni & Founder of Listen Bar

At iFundWomen, female founders are being powered up to be the best entrepreneurs they can be - going from bootstrapping to fundraising, becoming confident enough to ask for what they need, and harnessing the freedom of entrepreneurship.

In an effort to better understand what inspires women to take the leap and become business owners, we reached out and asked founders within the iFundWomen community to share the reason why they decided to become entrepreneurs in the first place and this is what we heard:

1. To disrupt the industry

“I was told that I speak beauty as a fluent language. But as a makeup artist for over a decade, I never once witnessed a single person walk up to a mirror, look at themselves, and have anything nice to say. This was a revelation that troubled me, and I knew that this was a bigger issue and would require a brand to come on the beauty scene and change everything we know about the beauty world today.” - Alexis Androulakis, Co-Founder, Fempower Beauty

2. To leave a legacy

“I needed to leave a better legacy behind for my kids.” - Julia Munck, Founder, Saged

3. To solve a problem

“I saw a problem that needed to be solved and thought I was the best person to solve it.” - Megan Capriccio, Founder & CEO, Vikera Tequila

4. To empower women

“I was stuck in a corporate job that didn't respect my contributions and didn't offer the level of growth I was looking for professionally unless I conformed myself to a very narrow (and male) style of leadership. I knew it was time to spread my wings and leap into the unknown, into my next becoming. Additionally, my business focuses on inspiring confidence in women, which I am super passionate about and makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning - a huge shift in the right direction!” - Rachel Moss, Founder & CEO, Subject Swim

5. To make an impact

“I wanted to affect change in the community where I live.” - Brittany Gropp, Founder, FutboLISTAS

6. To take control

“I wanted to create something to support women and have ownership over my own success or failure.” - Lisa Mastela, Founder, Bumpin Blends

7. To start a purpose-driven business

“I wanted to start a brand with purpose-driven practices built-in from the start. Along came a dare to take a month off of drinking. As I started enjoying alcohol-free nights out more and more, I noticed the innovation gap in nightlife and the opportunity it presented. I think blindspots are really great spaces to build a brand from, and the response has proven me right.” - Lorelei Bandrovschi, Founder, Listen Bar

With freedom of entrepreneurship comes responsibility, and no one is holding you accountable but yourself. At iFundWomen, we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to go it alone, which is why we provide access to the capital, coaching, creative, and connections that empower female founders to take action and grow their businesses. No matter how driven you are, it takes a village (of experts) to help you succeed and, if you haven’t already, the time is now to invest in that support and become the best entrepreneur you can be!