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How This Yogi Prepared For Her Crowdfunding Campaign

It's all about prep, prep and more prep.  Brooklyn native, Jennifer Coulombe was loud and proud about her upcoming crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen long before it launched.

I consistently posted on my personal Facebook page for a few months leading up to my campaign, essentially getting people really ready and excited for our campaign!

Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Sat Nam babe, a socially conscious line of play and yoga clothes for kids under five and babies. She set out to raise money on iFundWomen to support her first round of production for her product.

When prepping for her campaign, she knew it wasn't just about when you tell people, but also who exactly you tell.

Make sure your friends and family are ready to support you when you do launch. Tell your company’s story as events unfold so people feel inspired and committed to wanting to support you.

Now, looking back on her successfully funded campaign, Jen realizes that there are certain things she didn't see coming no matter how much preparation she did beforehand.  The crowdfunding campaign road is long and, for Jen, she had to work extra hard to compensate for "the trough" she experienced along the way.

The trough was rough to get through, i.e. trying to keep up that momentum for weeks at a time. I found offering quick 48-hour blitz ‘campaigns within a campaign’ opportunities to raffle off product worked great.
Sat Nam Babe Trough iFundWomen

Jennifer understood that in order for Sat Nam babe to meet it's goal, she needed a crowdfunding platform that offered dedicated coaching and shared her appreciation for thoughtful preparation before launching a campaign.  She did her due diligence and chose iFundWomen as the right crowdfunding platform for her.

As I was doing my research, I thought iFundWomen really stood out from the crowd. I liked the fact that they were much smaller than Kickstarter, so I felt that I would have a greater chance at visibility by being able to live on their homepage for the duration of our campaign. I also liked the individual coaching they offered. So many good reasons to go with iFW!

Thank you to Jen Coulombe for paying it forward! Check out Sat Nam Babe on iFundWomen and now on Etsy.