Crowdfunding Masterclass, by Alex Steinman

Crowdfunding Masterclass, by Alex Steinman

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Your Masterclass includes:

  • Three (3) one-hour private lessons with Alex on any of the below topics that you need concentrated help on.

  • Weekly virtual classes & course work on these critical topics:

    • Finding your why: Dive deep into your purpose and start to craft your business pitch and founder story.

    • Who’s going to buy this?: Define your audience segmentations, their motivations, and where to reach them.

    • Building brand awareness: Crowdfunding is a marketing tactic, so let’s discover ways you can get the word out with messaging that really sticks, and build your network of potential backers along the way.

    • Your media toolbox: Explore how tools like social media, influencers, PR, email marketing, and events can fuel you to the finish line.

    • Building a rewards structure: Your product is your reward…unless it’s not! Let’s dive into different types of incentives, price points, and fulfillment options.

    • Timeline: Goals are more achievable when you write them down and set dates. We’ll review a standard timeline, and create one together that’s customized for your project.

  • Weekly 30-minute, group office hours

  • Peace of mind that you will exit this course with an expertly crafted go-to-market strategy for your crowdfunding campaign, and your business.


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