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The How to Crowdfund Weekly Zoom Webinar should be your first stop on your crowdfunding journey. Learn all the basics of what you need to have a successful campaign. It’s free. RSVP below.

The iFundWomen iFundWomen Method Playbook is an end-to-end campaign planner: pitch honing, network mapping, rewards P&L, campaign goals, and daily accountability tracker.

Join iFundWomen’s Community Slack network where entrepreneurs from around the world are collaborating on what works in crowdfunding and in startup life.

The iFundWomen Network Map is a multi-tab list of all of the people you are going to pre-market your campaign to, to get them to support your startup. The highest grossing campaigns on iFundWomen used their network map religiously.

The iFundWomen Campaign Planning Calendar is a daily task list, that you should live by, and check off items as they are done. If you follow the calendar, you have a high likelihood of reaching your campaign goal.

Feel free to use these approved iFundWomen logos in your marketing.

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