Your pitch video is extremely important because it represents you and your brand. You are raising money to fund your business, so your video must look professional and polished. Here are 10 tried and tested tips on how to make a winning pitch video. 

1 – Be brief. Your pitch video should be under 3 minutes. People just don't have time to watch anything longer. If it takes you longer than 3 minutes to succinctly explain your idea, you need to stop, drop, and work on that elevator pitch before even thinking about making a video.

2 – Assume people know nothing. You may think everyone on social media knows about your passion project, but don’t assume people already know what your campaign is all about. Make sure your video answers these questions: Who are you? What is your idea? Why should we care? How much money are you raising? What exactly will you spend the money on? When do you expect your product to be finished?

3 – Do your research. Most likely, someone on planet earth, at some point, has done a crowdfunding campaign for a similar product. Search Google for crowdfunding videos in your category, and take notes on what seemed to work. 

4 – Write a script. Writing your video script serves multiple purposes.  First, it organizes your thoughts into a cohesive elevator pitch. This is important for your video, and when you explain the project in real life to potential supporters. Second, it forces you to keep your pitch video on point, in terms of both length and messaging. Finally, a script will show you what supplemental imagery you will want in your video to further help explain your idea. 

5 – Rock the first 15 seconds. You need an opening that grabs the attention of your potential funders. We think that getting right to the point with a straightforward appeal is the best way to do this, like this one.

6 – Show your beautiful face. Show your beautiful face. Your funders want to see your face, and hear your story from you. Why? Face time establishes trust, so don't just show us your project, show your audience the woman behind the idea. Here's a good example. 

7 – Prove it with pictures. Your funders want to know that you are an expert in your passion area, so prove it by showing photos, video clips, or testimonials of your work.  Have you been quoted in the press about your topic? Great! Take a screenshot, and use the press clip in your video. Anything to establish your street cred in your field will help funders have confidence that you can pull off your project.  

8 – Make sure you are heard clearly. Make sure you are heard clearly. Sound quality is important, but don't let this scare you off – it's super easy and cheap to record a video with good sound quality.  Spend $15 bucks and purchase a simple lavalier mic. that plugs right into your smartphone or DSLR camera.  Find a quiet space to record your video. Use subtitles or captions in your video, so that people watching on Facebook with the sound off can understand what you are saying. Like this one.

9 – Lay down a track. Adding music that matches the vibe of your brand is an easy way to spice up your video. If you are using iMovie, there are free music tracks that you can lay under your project. It really makes a difference. 

10 – Post it everywhere. First, you should upload your video to Vimeo, make sure your privacy setting is on "anyone", and paste the link into your iFundWomen page. We like Vimeo because your audience won't see any annoying ads running before your video. If you are YouTube savvy, and you know how to turn OFF your monetization settings for your pitch video, and you prefer to do that, then go for it! We accept both Vimeo and YouTube videos. Once your campaign is live on iFundWomen, you should post your  pitch video to Facebook, in the FB player, and shorter clips on Instagram, Snapchat, and wherever your audience lives! 

Feeling overwhelmed? We can produce your video for you.