A successful crowdfunding campaign is all about planning. You need to start talking to your personal network months in advance about your upcoming campaign so they know to expect it. You literally cannot post on social media enough. And yes, email marketing does work. All of this said, you will drive the most funding through IRL (in real life) interactions with your supporters. 


human connections 

Talking to people face-to-face about your idea is truly the most important part of marketing.  At least 2 months before your campaign launches, pick up the phone, call the people in your network and ask for their support. Also, look out for Meetups and events in your area with people that are in your industry.  These IRL connections will be your best asset, and you’ll be surprised by how helpful they are during your journey. 


social media

This is an obvious one, but you have to do it. You are going to feel like you are over-posting, but you are not. Most of your FFFs do not see everything you post, so you have to double down on posts to make sure folks see them. You should post fresh pieces on social media multiple times per day

  • Shout out/tag people who back your campaign
  • Post images of your product/idea
  • Give campaign updates and progress reports
  • Repost your campaign video in each platform's video player.

email marketing

Email marketing works. If you don't have one already, start cultivating a targeted list of customers, potential customers, FFFs (friends, family, followers), industry folk, etc who opt into your email marketing. Send at least one email two weeks before your campaign launches, to announce it. Then, send 1 email per week to your entire list, including fun updates. Consider using a free Mailchimp account to keep it professional and spam-free.