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Hello fellow entrepreneurs!

You are likely reading this page because you recently started a business, or are planning on starting one. First off, good for you! Starting your own thing is empowering, exhilarating, and exciting! You are finally living your dream, and that takes guts.

And let's face it, starting your own thing can be overwhelming and exhausting at times, especially if you are a solopreneur doing all the things alone.

We know this because we've been there. We have walked in your shoes, and we know what it takes to get a business or project off the ground successfully.

For those of you reading this who are interested in crowdfunding for the first time, you have no idea what you are in for. The highs, the lows, the prep-work, the influx of cash.

It's for all of these reasons why iFundWomen offers both free and paid coaching services designed to help you launch and grow your best business possible.

We are so excited to be your partner on your startup journey.

Let’s win.

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  • Crowdfunders who leaned into iFundWomen's Coaching program raised almost double the amount of money than those who DIY'd their campaigns.

  • Crowdfunders who took advantage of iFundWomen's Coaching and Video production raised 4.5 times more money than those who DIY'd their campaigns.

The iFundWomen Coaching Staff has been on both the startup and the crowdfunding roller coaster for years, and we are here to pay forward every bit of intel we have on the experience to you. Why? Because, all the money for all the women now.

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iFundWomen offers a host of free crowdfunding coaching resources, like webinars, playbooks, planning calendars, and actual humans to help you get your campaign started off on the right foot. If you would like access to these free resources, simply create a project, and save your draft, and you will be emailed the resources. Be sure to fill out as much information about your project, so our coaches can help you with your campaign strategy effectively.

The iFW Program includes:

  • Weekly Zoom How to Crowdfund + AMA Webinar

  • Access to the proprietary iFundWomen Coaches Playbook, a complete workbook that helps you map your campaign from beginning to end

  • Access to My Network Map tool

  • Access to The Campaign Planning Calendar

  • 20-minute phone call with an iFundWomen Coach (for select entrepreneurs who are ready to crowdfund)

crowdfunding accelerator

Let's face it: you are massively busy, and you need a team of crowdfunding experts to privately and carefully guide you through the process. This 15-week, private accelerator takes you all the way through from campaign prep through your crowdfunding campaign. 

Check out the Program Schedule here.

The Private Accelerator includes:

  • Two (2), 60-minute private coaching sessions, where you will hone your pitch and create your rewards

  • Access to small group, bi-weekly virtual office hours with iFundWomen Coaches where you can ask any question about your particular campaign

  • Unlimited access to Coaches via a Private Slack Channel where you can also collaborate with the other entrepreneurs in the private cohort. 

  • Guided access and help using all of the Campaign Planning Tools

  • Invitation to pitch to venture capital professionals, for a cash prize, if your campaign is funded

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Congratulations! You've started your own thing! This is an extremely exhilarating (and exhausting) time in your life, and we are proud of you for increasing the pool of women-run businesses. Seriously!

So, here's the thing: there are so many pitfalls and mistakes that first-time founders make. It's also really lonely being a solopreneur, and it's hard to make sound decisions as a one-woman band. How do we know this? Because we've lived it.

iFundWomen offers intensive startup coaching, run by our CEO, Karen Cahn

Karen is a seasoned business leader and monetization guru from Google, YouTube, and Aol. She's also a second-time startup founder, and she will make sure you do not make the same rookie mistakes that all first-time founders do.

Karen's no-BS approach to getting your business off the ground will not only speed up your time to market, and get you customers way faster than if you were on your own, but the confidence you will gain in your ability to make good business decisions will be life changing. 

PS: If you check out Karen's personal website, you will notice that her hourly rate (for non-iFundWomen folk) is $1,000/hour. And yes, people pay that for access to her brain. So, don't delay. Grab these prices while she has the bandwidth to take you on. 

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private startup coaching hourly rate

Buy The Hourly Rate if you just need a private gut-check on the validity of your idea, your pitch, and your go-to-market strategy.

The Hourly Rate includes:

  • 60-minutes of private startup coaching

  • Validating your business idea

  • Identifying your target customers

  • Starter marketing strategy

three pack private startup coaching

Buy The Three pack if you want serious guidance on how you should start your business. We will get deep. It may be painful, but It will be transformative for you and your business.

The Three Pack includes:

  • Three (3), 60-minute sessions of private startup coaching

  • Validating your business idea

  • Identifying your target customers

  • Honing your pitch

  • Marketing strategy


Got questions?

Feel free to either chat with the iFundWomen bot (the green icon at the bottom of the page), or email us. We love our bot, so for the fastest response to your question, talk to her! She's way smart. 

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Terms & Conditions: If you are crowdfunding on iFundWomen, you will pay a 5% standard crowdfunding fee on every transaction processed. For more info on crowdfunding fees, please read our FAQ. All coaching deposits are non-refundable.