Oh hey, welcome! Are you new to crowdfunding? Most people are. It’s just catching on that crowdfunding for cash to prove demand for your product or service before you invest in supply is the right way to start your business. Welcome to the (FUN)ding! iFundWomen’s crowdfunding coaches are here to help you every step of the way. Keep reading.


iFundWomen is better than the other crowdfunding platforms. Why? Because our expert coaches tell you how to do it. It’s that simple.

  • iFundWomen drives a 5x average raise versus the crowdfunding industry average.

  • Entrepreneurs who invest in iFundWomen's Private Accelerator & Video production raise 4.5 times more money than those who go it alone.

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iFundWomen offers free crowdfunding coaching resources, like webinars, playbooks, planning calendars, a private Slack community, and actual humans to help you get your campaign started off on the right foot.

The iFW Program includes:

  • Weekly How to Crowdfund + AMA Webinar

  • Access to all of the iFundWomen Campaign Planning Tools

  • Access to our private Slack community

  • 20-minute phone call with an iFundWomen Coach (for select entrepreneurs who are ready to crowdfund)

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Let's face it: you are massively busy, and you need a team of crowdfunding experts to privately and carefully guide you through the process. The Private Accelerator is crowdfunding “crash course” that quickly prepares you to rock your crowdfunding campaign

The Private Accelerator includes:

  • Two (2), 60-minute private coaching sessions:

    • Pitch honing

    • Rewards Strategy

  • Access to small group, bi-weekly virtual office hours with iFundWomen Coaches where you can ask any question about your particular campaign

  • Unlimited access to Coaches via a Private Slack Channel where you can also collaborate with the other entrepreneurs in the private cohort. 

  • Guided access and help using all of the iFundWomen Campaign Planning Tools

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Taught by marketing & crowdfunding expert Alex West Steinman (she raised $315K on iFW), the Crowdfunding Masterclass is really a marketing and PR course that happens to prepare you for your crowdfunding campaign. If you are new to startup land, and need to learn how to do marketing and PR, take the Masterclass. It will be the best investment you can make in your new business.

The Crowdfunding Masterclass includes:

  • 12 hours of master coaching with Alex

  • Three (3) one-hour private lessons with Alex on any of the below topics that you need concentrated help on

  • Weekly virtual classes & course work on:

    • Finding your why: Dive deep into your purpose and start to craft your business pitch and founder story.

    • Who’s going to buy this?: Define your audience segmentations, their motivations, and where to reach them.

    • Building brand awareness: Crowdfunding is a marketing tactic, so let’s discover ways you can get the word out with messaging that really sticks, and build your network of potential backers along the way.

    • Your media toolbox: Explore how tools like social media, influencers, PR, email marketing, and events can fuel you to the finish line.

    • Building a rewards structure: Your product is your reward…unless it’s not! Let’s dive into different types of incentives, price points, and fulfillment options.

    • Timeline: Goals are more achievable when you write them down and set dates. We’ll review a standard timeline, and create one together that’s customized for your project.

  • Weekly 30-minute, group office hours

  • Peace of mind that you will exit this course with an expertly crafted go-to-market strategy for your crowdfunding campaign, and your business.

Terms & Conditions: All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

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Got questions?

Feel free to either chat with the iFundWomen bot (the green icon at the bottom of the page), or email us. We love our bot, so for the fastest response to your question, talk to her! She's way smart. 

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Terms & Conditions: If you are crowdfunding on iFundWomen, you will pay a 5% standard crowdfunding fee on every transaction processed. For more info on crowdfunding fees, please read our FAQ. All coaching deposits are non-refundable.