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In 2017, MWP Digital Media conducted a study of over 7,000 crowdfunding projects to track trends involving campaign videos. The results? The projects that had a video were 85% more likely to achieve their funding goal. 

VentureBeat also studied the impact of video in 243 campaigns and found that funded campaigns are more likely to have a video of at least average quality (82%). 

iFundWomen produces story-driven videos that are designed to raise you money.

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At iFundWomen, our producers work with you to create a video that not only visually delivers your business pitch and explains your product or service, but also tells your brand story and shares your passion.  By investing in a high-quality video, you will engender trust with potential backers, and raise more money.


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The Sugar Mama includes:

  • Two (2), 2-3 minute professionally-produced marketing videos: 1 version for use for your crowdfunding campaign, and 1 version for your ongoing marketing efforts

  • Virtual assistance in filming in the location of your choice (either in our NYC studio or virtual)

  • Graphics package

  • Three licensed images

  • Music license

  • 1 round of edits

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The Boot Strapper includes:

  • One (1), 2-3 minute professionally-produced crowdfunding campaign video

  • Virtual assistance in filming in the location of your choice (either in our NYC studio or virtual)

  • Graphics package

  • Three licensed images

  • Music license

  • 1 round of edits

  • 5% additional fee on your crowdfunding campaign

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The Voice Over Video includes:

  • One (1) high-quality motion graphic campaign video made up of an audio recording of your pitch, as well as imagery, footage and graphics that represent your brand.

  • Music license

  • 1 round of edits

  • Custom graphics package

  • *5% additional fee on your crowdfunding campaign


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In 2017, one of the biggest trends to emerge on popular social sites was vertical video — or video filmed in portrait mode rather than horizontally. These social videos are a must-have for any crowdfunding marketing campaign.

The Insta Queen includes: 

  • Seven (7) ten-second, vertical video clips for use on Instagram Story, Facebook Story, and Snap

  • Vertical branded video frame with your logo and style elements

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In an era where all social media videos are muted by default and 85% of all Facebook videos are watched with no sound, subtitles are essential to catch social media users’ eyes and increase video engagement. Facebook recently published a report which found that videos which included subtitles enjoyed a 12% boost in engagement

The Subtitled for Social includes: 

  • Your iFundWomen campaign video, and your corresponding marketing video, completely subtitled.

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Perfect is the enemy of done, but sure, we'll make another round of edits for you.

The Perfectionist package includes: 

  • Three hours of professional video or creative design editing

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While you are looking and feeling your best at your video shoot, get your headshots done! 

The Headshot package includes: 

  • 1 beautiful, retouched headshot

  • Perpetual license to use the image, in any media you wish

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If you are selling a tangible product, you need gorgeous product shots to showcase not only on your crowdfunding campaign, but also on your website and your social media. 

The Product Shots Package includes:

  • Five (5) high resolution, edited product shots

  • Perpetual license to use the image, in any media you wish

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Your project page is a direct reflection of you, and your ability to pull your project off. If you are not a graphic artist, it is a no-brainer to outsource this task to our designers. Check out some of our recent work here and here.

The Project Page includes: 

  • Fonts and colors in your brand palate

  • Custom, branded graphics and imagery

  • Description and rewards copy editing

  • 1 round of edits

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Terms & Conditions:

We produce videos for crowdfunding campaigns that run on iFundWomen, which is why we can keep the prices so low. Your final cut will be released to you upon starting your campaign. No campaign, no final cut. If you do not run your iFundWomen campaign within 30 days of approving your final cut, there is a $2,500 penalty due. 

All deposits are non-refundable.

Additional rounds of edits for any creative service that iFundWomen provides are subject to a $100/hour fee. 

Creative services credit is valid for 1 year from date of purchase.