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Startup Fundraising 101


If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you spend a lot of timing thinking about how to raise additional capital to grow your business.


What are the funding options? And which one is right for you? 


Constrained by growth, risk associated with credit card debt

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Equity Investors
Reduced control and ownership, access limited for women


Maintain control and independence, opportunity to use campaign to drive benefits beyond cash 


Highly competitive, long lead time, low dollar amounts

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Small Business Loans
Higher interest rates, lower independence


You need cash to grow your startup. 

When you were considering launching your business, odds are a big part of your motivation was to gain control and independence for yourself, your family, and for your idea.

But traditional fundraising vehicles require you to compromise on those things. With a small business loan, you’re taking on debt and putting yourself in a potentially less stable financial position. With an equity investor, you’re ceding a measure of control over your enterprise. With rewards-based crowdfunding, you can raise cash and keep control of your business.


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1. Crowdfunding
Gain access to a crowdfunding platform designed for you.

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2. Coaching
Everyone gets free crowdfunding coaching to help you get started on the right foot. If you need private coaching on an ongoing basis, that's available, too.

3. Connections
Leverage our social network, existing audience, and the iFundWomen community. 


4. Video
Want to do a campaign but don't have a video? No problem. We can produce one for you.

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5. Pay it forward
We pay forward 20% of our revenue from standard fees into live campaigns on the site.


1. Crowdfunding

A 30-day crowdfunding campaign gives you the opportunity to offer rewards, incentives, products and services to backers in exchange for cash contributions to support your goal.

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Control your crowdfund

We’re flexible. We built iFundWomen to give entrepreneurs the flexibility you need to have a successful campaign, whether it's the ability to extend your end date to give you more time to succeed, or even adjusting your goal along the way.

Raise money alongside other entrepreneurs on a supportive, collaborative platform.

Every campaign kicks off with a 15-minute intro call. Get your questions answered and your campaign off to a strong start.


2. Coaching

Strategize with an expert on your FREE pre-launch coaching call. 


Plan everything with The Coaches Playbook:  
It starts with access to our proprietary Coaches Playbook. From planning your pre-campaign marketing to rewards fulfillment and everything in between, iFundWomen’s Playbook has your campaign strategy covered

Perfect your pitch: 
See your confidence skyrocket with our pitch drills

Refine your rewards: 
Plan the what, how much, why, who and how on your rewards

Plot your path to market: 
Map out your communication strategy and launch plans


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3. Connections

We are stronger together and our community proves that. Those who engage in our Slack network raise more money and gain better insights into how to run their crowdfunding campaigns and their businesses. Don't go it alone when there are thousands of entrepreneurs in the same boat you can learn from. 


Get exclusive access to the iFundWomen Slack network.

Connect with thousands of entrepreneurs who are sharing honest information and resources that work.

From #Brags to #Rewards to #WhatWorks, our Slack Network is a safe space for our entrepreneurs to talk to each other about how to succeed not only during their crowdfund but throughout their startup journey.

Please note: As we can only accept a certain number of Slack users at one time, please register for iFundWomen, and if space allows, we will send you a Slack invite.


4. Video

We have professional video producers ready to bring your new brand to life! Our entrepreneur-friendly production crew makes sure you nail your pitch, make all the difference in the world.


Tell your story

We have perfected the art of creating crowdfunding pitch videos that are both compelling and pretty. Regardless of whether you are near or far from our studio in NYC, we will make it happen for you. 

Check out some of our recent pitch videos.

With packages starting at $1,200, this is a no-brainer if you don’t have a professional video at the ready. Learn more here.

If a professional video is not in your budget, here are instructions on how to do it yourself.


5. Pay it forward

We invest in our own and believe that paying it forward creates a virtuous cycle of funding for all. 


We directly reinvest 20% of our revenues from standard fees into active campaigns on the platform.  


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Getting Started is Easy

Here's what you need to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. If you are lacking in any of these areas, visit our Get Coaching page, and we will help you.

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A web presence
You need to have a legitimate web presence that conveys what your business or project is all about

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A comprehensive plan covering what rewards you offer, how you communicate your pitch, and your go-to-market strategy. See our Campaign Guide

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A Pitch Video
A marketing asset used throughout your campaign

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Running a campaign is a full-time effort and you want to go out with your A-game